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Riana Leader
    Riana Tumby
  Riana Raddle  
    Riana Sady
Riana Leader
    Breezebend Bud
  Riana Jody  
    Riana Gem 2nd

Leader, a cherry red and tan dog with an enormous capacity for work, what I call a go to dog when you are in a hurry. Leader will happily work sheep or cattle ,he displays medium eye when he needs to settle his stock, but is a free running dog and always in the right place. Natural heading or blocking dog but will drive as well, as he becomes more mature we are getting a very good stop on him. Leader is strong , athletic, great anticipation and with searching cast and with a good brain to work all day if required. His early pups look very promising and Leader has put his stamp on them with good big heads and terrific nature in all of them so far.

Campbells Karma (Toby)
    Driftwood Clyde
  Riana Condo  
    Riana Bula
Campbells Karma (Toby)
    Paddys Shadow
  Paddys Elkie  
    Paddys Jedda

Toby ,an athletic good looking black and tan with medium eye but is very stylish on a few ,quite free on a mob whether it be sheep or cattle. Proving to be very aggressive with cows and calves when needed. Only a young dog but his early pups look very promising indeed. Toby displays excellent footwork on a few , has perfect conformation with nice dark eyes , he is still only young and can be a handful when fresh but will settle when he matures. Can be left to bring reasonable sized mobs home with minimal supervision. Good cast , goes to lead automatically and with good cover. Very well balanced dog with strength.

Kirkcaldy King
Kirkcaldy King
    Driftwood Clyde
  Karmala Clyde  
    Woorivale Spice
Kirkcaldy King
    Paddys Shadow
  Karrawarra Toole
    Bellrock Anna

King ,a tall leggy Cream dog with enormous thinking power ,he does things with stock that canít be taught, particularly with cattle. King covers his mob well always on or near the lead knows when to apply pressure and how much and when to back off , he is a great leader at gateways and with a good sense of timing. King is not an over running dog and conserves his energy he is usually moving to the right position and holding position until he needs to move on .Experienced stockmen that have seen this type of dog will know what I mean. He has a natural stop ,good footwork ,big cast, balances well and travels his stock at their pace sensibly. We will join him to a few selected bitches soon.

Petersons Bill Clinton


    Philscreek Nap
  Karrobar Moss  
    Reedycreek Casey
Petersons Bill Clinton
    Glenville Jack 11
  Fury's Gem  
    Karrawarra Goldie

Clint is a big strong Red/Tan dog that will stand up to any thing, good cover medium eye and some bark. Clint is sired by a former Australian yard dog champion, Karrobar Moss, and his dam Furyís Gem is predominantly old Glenville and Karrawarra  bloodlines. Clint is the sire of K Marco, K Max, K Gale, K Tax, K Jess, K Bell and also there are several granddaughters in the stud such as K Anna, K Elsa, K Pippa, K Trisha, K Polly and K Gin.  Clint has sired over 100 pups for the stud.

Petersons Bill Clinton
    Karrobar Moss
  Petersons Bill Clinton  
    Fury's Gem

Kirkcaldy Marco

    Orvale Ferg
  Kirkcaldy Trixie  
    Kirkcaldy Pippa

Marco is my main demonstration dog, totally reliable on sheep, cattle or goats. Medium eye, very strong will back sheep all day long and also cattle if necessary. Marco is black/tan, casts well in the paddock and handles his sheep and cattle in a very controlled sensible manner. Marco is by far the most efficient dog I have had in the last 26 years for yard work. Marco is a very willing backing dog in small yards, the race and in the shed. He can also be strategically positioned when working in the yard. Marcoís pups are early starters and many of them with natural bark. Marco excels when working cattle and will go over there back to get to a position to move his stock. He is line bred to Kalari Joker and Kalari Basil through the influence of Scanlons Butch and Rockybar Buff.

Kirkcaldy Rip 5th
Photo: taken at 7 months of age
DOB: 1/9/05
Kirkcaldy Dusty x Kirkcaldy Skip

A magnificent big upstanding dark Red and Tan dog showing enormous natural ability for his age. At 8 months Rip is reliable in both the paddock and yard. Rip is a medium eyed ,free running dog with good cover, concentration, well balanced ,plenty of walk up and is a calm sensible young dog with a friendly disposition at all times.



       Kirkcaldy Brownie
    Kirkcaldy Morton  
      Kirkcaldy Bev
   Kirkcaldy Dusty    
      Scanlons Jack
    Kirkcaldy Lill  
      Kirkcaldy Perri
Kirkcaldy Rip 5th      
      Kirkcaldy Brownie
    Kirkcaldy Morton  
      Kirkcaldy Bev
   Kirkcaldy Skip    
      Karrawarra Rip III
    Karrawarra Nessie  
      Pratts Nellie



Rockybar Ripper


Whites Badge x Friesmead Trixie

Foundation sire: Purchased 1977 for $1000 at 8 years of age. 1st Kerang Open Trial 1977, 3rd in the Improvers trial Canberra 1977 87 pts, plus many other trial successes. Produced over 100 pups in the stud including Kirkcaldy Fleet, Debbie, May, Inca, Kyle, Vito, Toffee, plus Cudgee Jeff and Tara Nigger. Cudgee Jeff was the sire of Glendon Brownie, Jeff, and Claude and many others. His progeny are working and breeding in all states of Australia. Ripper was a big upstanding black/tan dog with a huge searching cast over a big distance with an excellent lift and draw, great cover medium eye, excellent nature and temperament. He lives on through Tara Fred 2nd, Kirkcaldy Brownie, Kirkcaldy Morton, who are producing good allrounders, showing eye, with barking and backing ability.

GLENDON BROWNIE Cudgee Jeff x Tinagroo Lady

A magnificent red/tan dog, purchased in 1980 from Queensland with the help and recommendation of the late Les Tarrant of the Rockybar kelpie Stud.
Big casting dog like his grand sire Rockybar Ripper, strong bark, would work large or small mobs, eye on a few, very compliant, top yard and shed dog, good on pigs. Along with Kirkcaldy Fleet he quickly became my main work and demonstration dog at field days and doing contract stock jobs.
Sadly, Brownie was stolen while we were exhibiting at AgQuip in 1981.

LISCANNOR DEANO Rockybar Buff x Liscannor Dell

Tough little black/tan, totally reliable for paddock and yard work, sheep and cattle, my main paddock dog for three years, quiet silent worker with medium eye, good cast and cover and a natural backing dog, the tougher it was the better he liked his work and totally loyal at all times. At 4 years of age he was sold for $1000 to Mr Ken Cockins where his workload was not as demanding.

Kirkcaldy Fleet
Rockybar Ripper x Glenville Tammy

Fleet was a most versatile black/tan dog that would work any species of livestock - sheep, cattle, pigs, goats in either paddock or yard. For demonstration he enjoyed working ducks, swans, and even a goose. He worked with medium eye, big cast, very athletic dog with a long loping stride good cover. He was an excellent yard and truck dog. He had a fantastic temperament and really relished his role as a demonstration dog.

Kirkcaldy Brownie
 Tara Butch x Kirkcaldy Perri

Red/Tan, One of the best, an old dog now but totally reliable particularly with cows and calves. Big cast, excellent cover, strong, brainy, and well known around the Wodonga saleyards.

SCANLONS JACK Scanlons Duff x Traills Penny

A big strong black/tan with good cover, great concentration, medium eye. A good natured allrounder and has bred some top sheep and cattle dogs. He was a grandson of Glenville Swannee. We still have Kirkcaldy Bette Midler, Lill, Sophie and Bev in the stud today.



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